Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Most Hilarious Matrimonial profile I hav read so far...

I do the online bridegroom search for my sister...today this profile made me ROFL...

Name: Entrepreneur
Occupation in detail : Aspiring entrepreneur preparing for business

About me
section is where the comedy starts...

Good sense of humour; Varied interests such as art, movies, music, literature and sports;zest for living life to the fullest makes me an INTERESTING PERSON!
Good character, values and no bad habits make me a GOOD HUMAN BEING!
Innovation, creativity makes me DREAMER AND VISIONARY!
Readiness to take any efforts and hard work makes me ACHIEVER!
Gender equality makes me GOOD COOK and FAMILY PERSON!
curiosity, varied interests, readiness to learn new things make me ADAPTABLE AND FLEXIBLE TO DO ANYTHING!
Intelligence, Good Education (M. C. S. ) and wide work experience as Computer Software Professional in India and U. K. makes me GLOBALLY COMPETENT!
My keen interest and ambition to set-up own business widens my HORIZONS TO CONQUER in many fields, not just IT industry, the area of my core competence!

BUT despite having all these in my account, my life is EMPTY!
Missing is the ONE WOMAN who will be my WIFE,
With whom I can SHARE all these all my life or long term of my life!
Without HER all these things has no meaning, no value!
No meaning to my existence! No meaning to my Life!
Do you feel about your life same way, EVERYTHING MEANINGLESS WITHOUT HIM?

Dear Bride,
Are YOU the one who is missing in my life?
Are YOU the one who will make everything MEANINGFUL for me?
If yes, then come soon! I am eagerly waiting for YOU!

We will MARRY and start NEW LIFE!.... OUR LIFE TOGETHER!
And Set-up our OWN BUSINESS from scratch,
preferably in YOUR field of PASSION,
to work hard TOGETHER and progress FAST!
And Start our own NUCLEAR FAMILY soon when adequately settled.
Parents allowed to live with us only after they become totally dependent on others.
Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, etc. not allowed to live in our Home!
We will LIVE our Marriage life HAPPILY and PEACEfully!
We will NOT AT ALL QUARREL after marriage, because
we will sort out all possible disputes over rights, responsibilities, divorce terms, etc.
before signing our marriage contract at the time we marry in COURTS OF LAW.

When U come don't rob your parents/siblings/relatives with your dowry demands.
Come with your self-earned stuff only, so that u will live with dignity and self-respect!
If you haven't earned so far, earn as much as u can during 1 months notice to court.
I won't accept you, without your own self-earned contribution to our JOINT VENTURES-Home, Family and businesses!
Come soon! If you can't come to my city, I will come to yours because I am OPEN TO MIGRATE.


silverine said...

ROFL!!! This was to good!!!

Di said...

man!! where cud we find this masterpiece!! :P

Parul said...

They are funny. I'm going through lots of them lately:P

Parul said...

btw what attire were you talking about?

PK said...


just browse around in marathi matrimony. I am sure u cld come across it.

do share something that u found ROFL.

Parul said...

Thanks for making me realize that!
you'll find some changes now :)

Celestine said...

this is freaking funny!

Strider said...


is this for real?! :O

?bLeAk?!! said...

"I won't accept you, without your own self-earned contribution to our JOINT VENTURES-Home, Family and businesses!"

Well I'm sure there might be people, even though I cannot imagine which kind, who will certainly be impressed and run off to get their daughters married off to the dude...

Atleast it was funny to read..

PK said...

I am not creative enough cook it up in my blog.

In the name of Bhagavad Gita I swear...its real and available as of this day in Marathi Matrimony website.

Adorable Pancreas said...


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